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WordPress Template Header – WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Template Header

Right now, we’ve got a blank template.  Let’s copy our code from the index.html file and paste it all into the index.php file. If you refresh your site, then you should see the site. You’ll notice that it’s broken and that’s OK. We’ll fix it in a bit. If you’ve ever created a website before, then you know it’s more efficient to separate …

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WordPress Theme Header – WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Theme Header

Today, we’ll be discussing how to create the WordPress theme header for your theme and why it’s important to have this file. As I stated earlier, we’ll be using a HTML template called Cool Blue. This template was created by StyleShout. I have modified the template a bit to better suit this tutorial. You can download the modified version here. …

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Design and Functionality – WordPress Theme Tutorial

Design and Functionality

There’s one thing I would like to discuss before we start creating our themes. I would like to discuss the balance between design and functionality. I’m starting to see a lot of theme developers add certain functionality to their themes where it almost becomes a plugin itself. A WordPress theme is meant to be a presentation of the content and …

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How to Create A WordPress Theme

How to Create a WordPress Theme

If you’ve ever been interested in creating your own WordPress themes, but didn’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. Content allows you to communicate with your audience and plugins allow you to extend WordPress’s functionality, but there’s 1 extra item to throw into this recipe. Themes. This tutorial series is for anyone who wants to …

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Conclusion – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Congratulations! You finally finished this series. You now have a grasp on the fundamentals of creating WordPress plugins. So, where do you go from here? You can now start creating your own WordPress plugins. Of course, there are a couple of extra things you could learn. You can find all the information you’l need from the WordPress Codex. If …

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WordPress Metadata – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Metadata

Let’s finish up our plugin by extending it with metadata. So far, we’re able specify a post type and add taxonomy to it, but what about adding some custom fields? This can easily be accomplished with metadata. It’s very simple to work with WordPress metadata. We’ll be creating meta boxes again, so if you forgot how to create meta boxes, …

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WordPress Taxonomies – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Taxonomies

Organization is important in WordPress. WordPress taxonomies allow us to organize our content. For example, our recipe plugin allows us to create recipes, but no way to search for certain recipes by origin. With WordPress taxonomies, we can easily do this.  The process is very similar to creating WordPress custom post types. If you would like more information about WordPress …

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WordPress Custom Post Types – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Custom Post Types

One of the amazing features that comes with WordPress is the ability to create WordPress custom post types. What are  WordPress custom post types? A post type is a type of content. For example, a post is a post type. More information about post types can be found here. There will be times where you may want a custom post …

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WordPress Cron Jobs – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Cron Jobs

There will be times where you’ll want to continually perform certain tasks automatically. This can be anything from checking up on the server or sending out e-mails. Having these tasks run behind the scenes without anyone doing anything is known as cron jobs. Usually cron jobs are set up by the user on their web server, but now WordPress actually …

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WordPress Transients API – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Transients API

Today, we’ll be discussing how to use the WordPress transients API. Most bloggers don’t use WordPress out of the box. They’re usually using plugins ranging from completely custom to ones they found in the WordPress plugin directory. If you’re a blogger, you’re usually adding fresh new content daily. With that being said, you as the developer, must find a way to …

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