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Conclusion – JavaScript Tutorial

This tutorial is part of the JavaScript tutorial series for beginners. To view the whole list of tutorials available and the order in which you should follow them, then click here.

This concludes this series. You’re now ready to start making your own scripts in JavaScript. You’re more than capable to expand your knowledge on this subject. Of course, I didn’t explain every bolt and nail about JavaScript. If you would like to take it up a notch, then I suggest you take my advance series.

However, a lot of developers at this point usually learn libraries. JavaScript can get really messy really fast. Libraries are here to speed up development.

The most popular library out there is JQuery. There are a lot of examples, plugins and tutorials about JQuery. It’s used in almost every website. There’s a reason for it. Here’s how you would grab an element in pure JavaScript.

Here’s how you would grab an element in JQuery.

As you can see, it’s less code to write in JQuery. Not only that, JQuery provides a handful of functions to perform animations and simplify tasks. JQuery isn’t the only library out there to do things like these. It’s not the best either. It’s all a matter of preference.

Be Efficient

When it comes to websites, you want to make your user download as little data as possible. If all you’re doing is moving a box up and down, then write it in pure JavaScript. However, if you’re doing AJAX, animations, and toggling elements, then a library will help you with that. Only use libraries to help speed up development, but don’t use them for 1 simple task when you can write it in pure JavaScript. JQuery is less than 50kb. While 50kb is little, it can slow your site down when multiple vititors are downloading your files.


JavaScript is a programming language. It’s not just for the web. You can make apps and do server side logic. I do have tutorials on how to do other things with JavaScript if you wish to see them. If you would like information on JavaScript and know all the web APIs, then go here for the official documentation.


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