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Conclusion – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

This post is part of the WordPress Plugin tutorial series. To find a link to all tutorials in order, then please click here.

Congratulations! You finally finished this series. You now have a grasp on the fundamentals of creating WordPress plugins.

So, where do you go from here? You can now start creating your own WordPress plugins. Of course, there are a couple of extra things you could learn. You can find all the information you’l need from the WordPress Codex.


If you haven’t already, then take a look at my WordPress Theme development series. It’s free and all source is code is provided. Learn more about WordPress.

Not just for plugins

Some of the techniques you learned on how to create a plugin can be used to create themes. You can also use the techniques from creating plugins to create themes. If you have any suggestions or ideas on future tutorials, then please comment. I like to teach and share knowledge. Thank you!

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