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Getting Started
Getting Started

Getting Started – JavaScript Basics Tutorial

This tutorial is part of the JavaScript tutorial series for beginners. To view the whole list of tutorials available and the order in which you should follow them, then click here.

JavaScript powers millions of sites worldwide everyday. Even this site utilizes JavaScript. JavaScript allows interaction between the user and the browser. JavaScript can also be used outside of the web. Not many know this, but you can also use JavaScript for server side programming and for creating apps!

If you’re looking for a JavaScript tutorial, then you found it! This tutorial series is going to be focused on the basics such as variables, functions, conditional statements, objects, and we’ll also talk about DOM, too. If you feel like you know the basics, then take it to the next level with the advance series.

Before Getting Started

Of course, if you’re completely new to JavaScript, then there are a couple of things you should know before you get started. You must have a good grasp of HTML. If you don’t know any HTML, then go here for some great tutorials to get you started.


You’ll also need a good text editor. You can use any you want, but I highly recommend Komodo Edit. It’s free and provides great features for web development. Check it our for yourself!


It’s not required, but knowing a little CSS will go a long way.

You don’t need any particular browser. You can use FireFox, Google Chrome or even Safari. For this basic series, you’ll be fine with any browser as long as you have JavaScript enabled. It’s usually set to enabled by default.

This series assumes you have no knowledge of JavaScript or programming in general. So, this programming language will be taught in detail. It’s a very lightweight language and it’s easy to learn. All source code is provided free.

This JavaScript basics tutorial series is split into 2 parts. The first part explains core of JavaScript. You’ll explore the fundamentals and learn about the many features this wonderful language has to offer. In the second part, you’ll learn how to put it all together. We’ll use JavaScript for real world projects. Both parts are both essential for the learning process. Most tutorials just leave you off with the building blocks, but they never teach you how to use them together to build real world applications.

Once you feel like you’re all set to go, then go onto the next tutorial and prepare yourself to learn!

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