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Inheritance – Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

Another advantage to using prototypes is that you can have inheritance in your scripts. What is inheritance? Well, first let me show you and then I’ll explain.

Clear your script and add this bit of code.

Alright, let’s break this done. We have 2 objects. One is BankAccount and the other is SavingsAccount. We add a method to the BankAccount object’s prototype that gets the status. Nothing new so far.

We then grab the SavingsAccount prototype and set it the object BankAccount.  Why do we do this? Well, by doing this, we now have access to the properties and methods of the BankAccount object. This includes the prototype as well. The SavingsAccount prototype has access to it. So, next we create an instance of the SavingsAccount object and then we access it’s method and properties.

As you can see, we try accessing the getStatus() method from the instance. However, the SavingsAccount object doesn’t have this method. So, JavaScript will then search for the prototype of SavingsAccount. Since the prototype of SavingsAccount is the BankAccount object, then JavaScript will eventually find this method deeply nested inside.

This is what’s called prototype chaining. JavaScript will start from the object and continue looking through the prototypes until the chain stops.

Can we still add methods and properties to the SavingsAccount prototype?

Yep, but you must do it after you chain the 2 objects. This is what inheritance is. Inheritance simply means an object inherits the properties and methods of another object. Prototype chaining is the most popular way to perform inheritance.

Why use inheritance?

As I’ve stated before, there will be times where you’ll be using libraries from other developers. You have the choice of directly going into the code and make adjustments when you need to, but that isn’t best practice. It’s mostly because  libraries are updated frequently. So you would end up having to make the same changes again and again.

However, by using inheritance, you can create a whole new object, but still gain the properties and methods of another object you might need.


Prototypes and inheritance are things you don’t need to use every time. Use them when you feel like it’s appropriate. For more information about inheritance, then go here.


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