Tuesday , 16 July 2019
Change CSS

Change CSS – JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript not only allows you to change the HTML in your document, but you can also change the styles of a certain element. The procedure to change CSS is straightforward. Let’s look at how to do this. Updating the HTML Update the <body> tags in your HTML document to this. [crayon-5d2e59dae7d95023728065/] Next, let’s clear your script and add this bit …

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Change HTML Attributes

Change HTML Attributes – JavaScript Tutorial

We learned how to change the HTML inside elements. What if we wanted to the change the HTML attributes? This is very easy to do. First, update the <body> tags inside your HTML document to this. [crayon-5d2e59dae9369424874100/] What we’re going to do is grab the anchor tag’s link and change it with another link. Now that our HTML document is …

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Manipulating Elements

Manipulating Elements – JavaScript Tutorial

Now that we know how to grab an HTML tag, let’s talk about manipulating the data inside. Manipulating elements is fairly easy. So, let’s first clear out our script. Then, add this bit of code. [crayon-5d2e59dae9bac748906956/] Just like last time, we store the tags inside a variable. Since there are 3 paragraph tags inside the HTML document, there has to …

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HTML DOM – JavaScript Tutorial

We’re finished with talking about object oriented programming in JavaScript for now. We’re going to talk about the HTML DOM. As I stated in the first tutorial, you should have a good understanding of HTML and CSS. If not, then go learn HTML and CSS. These next couple of tutorials depend on that knowledge. What is the HTML DOM? DOM …

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Prototypes – JavaScript Tutorial

Prototypes in JavaScript can get very complex. There’s a lot to go over. In this tutorial, we’ll only talk about the basics and it’s use for creating methods or properties after the creation of the object. Whenever you drive a car, the amount of mileage goes up. So, let’s create a property that will hold the mileage and create a …

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Creating Properties and Methods

Creating Properties and Methods – JavaScript Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be working with the Car class we created in the last tutorial. You’ll learn how to create properties and methods. Creating properties and methods in JavaScript is relatively simple. Creating A Property As previously discussed, a property is just a variable for an object. Creating a property in an object is different than creating a …

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Creating Objects

Creating Objects – JavaScript Tutorial

Object oriented programming is a style of programming. JavaScript will read your code from top to bottom and execute it in that order. This is what’s called procedural code. Object oriented programming doesn’t work this way. Instead, it’s built on the concept of “objects”. For the most part, object oriented programming is viable for advance or large projects. It helps …

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Math Object

Math Object – JavaScript Tutorial

The math object is another object you’ll find yourself using often. It allows you to perform advance math operations. It can really save you time and you don’t have to write as much code. Math Object Properties Let’s get started. Clear your script and add this bit of code. [crayon-5d2e59daecb96151438785/] You do not have to create an instance of the …

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Date Object

Date Object – JavaScript Tutorial

The date object is a very special object. It allows you to grab the current time and date. It also allows you to manipulate the time and date easily. Let’s take a look at how useful the date object can be. In order to use the date object, you have to store the instance of the object inside a variable. …

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String Object

String Object – JavaScript Tutorial

The string object is another object built in by JavaScript. Whenever you create a string, JavaScript will automatically give it the properties and methods of a string. To clarify a few things, you can sometimes access an object directly without having to create a variable. We saw how to do this with the number object, but with the string object …

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Number Object

Number Object – JavaScript Tutorial

So we’ve talked about objects in general and we discovered a new object called the document object. JavaScript comes with built in objects that you can use. In this tutorial, we take a look at the number object. Number Object Properties Just like other objects, you can access the properties and methods of the number object. Let’s take a look …

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Objects – JavaScript Tutorial

Object oriented programming is a topic for intermediate programmers. It can be a very confusing and discouraging topic. JavaScript utilizes objects often so learning about OOP (object oriented programming) early is important. I won’t be going in depth in OOP until later tutorials, but for now, I’ll be covering the basics and what you need to know. What are Objects? …

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Manipulating Loops

Manipulating Loops – JavaScript Tutorial

There will be a time where you’ll want to break out of a loop early or skip an iteration. Manipulating loops is possible in JavaScript. It’s actually very easy to do with conditional statements. Let’s clear our script and update our code to this. [crayon-5d2e59daee8dd178930078/] Manipulating Loops This is the exact example we used in our while loop tutorial. Let’s …

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Do While Loop

Do While Loop – JavaScript Tutorial

A do while loop is a special kind of loop. It’s a variation of the while loop, but with a special addition. Let’s learn how to use a do while loop. Creating A Do While Loop Clear your script and update your code to this. [crayon-5d2e59daeee7b576767341/] You’ll notice everything is the same in our last tutorial, except our loop is …

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While Loop

While Loop – JavaScript Tutorial

We’ll be continuing with loops by learning about the while loop. The while loop is another way of looping through a block of code while a certain condition is true. Before we get started, let’s talk about iterations for a second Iterations An iteration is the technical term for a process that repeats itself. In the programming world, every time …

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