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Asynchronous – Node.js Tutorial for Beginners


Before we continue onto our blog web site. I would like to talk about asynchronous programming. You’ve probably heard this term before. You’ve probably heard of it’s opposite term which is synchronous programming. These 2 concepts are very important to understand before you go further into Node.js development. Asynchronous Let’s take a look at some JQuery code to see an …

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Installing Node.js – Node.js Tutorial for beginners

Installing Node.js

Before we get started, let’s install Node.js. Installing Node.js isn’t very hard actually. You can install Node.js on Windows, Mac and Linux. As of this tutorial, we’ll be installing v0.10.29. However, you can install any version above 0.10. Installing Node.js You can download the installers here! Once you download the installer, then you can just run the installer and install …

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