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Conclusion – WordPress Theme Tutorial


Congratulations! You now know how to create a WordPress theme. Of course, your journey isn’t over yet. You should take it to the next level by learning how to create Plugins. You should understand that WordPress offers it’s APIs for both plugins and themes. For a list of WordPress’s APIs then click here. http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_APIs While we didn’t cover these APIs, …

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Custom Templates – WordPress Theme Tutorial

Custom Templates

By creating our own templates for certain pages, we make our theme dynamic and flexible. Though, in some situations you’ll want to create a template that WordPress isn’t aware of. For example, our page template is one way to display a page, but what if we wanted a full width page instead of one with widgets. We still want to …

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Error 404 Page Template – WordPress Theme Tutorial

Error 404 Page Template

Creating your own custom error messages in WordPress is easy. We’ll be creating a template for our 404 page. Create a new file called 404.php and add this bit of code. [crayon-5d2e5d0a91282746376356/] Try visiting a random page in your blog and you should see this message appear. Very simple right? WordPress will automatically look for this page when someone visits …

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Single Post and Page Templates – WordPress Theme Tutorial

Single Post and Page Templates

WordPress is pretty smart when it comes to knowing what pages to use. The only template file you need is index.php. While it works great for our home page, it doesn’t work so well for displaying categories, archives, pages, and single posts. You can actually create a template for those pages. Before WordPress decides on what page template to use, …

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The Loop – WordPress Theme Tutorial

The Loop

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing how to use the WordPress loop. The loop is PHP code by WordPress that displays posts for us. It’s quite simple to use and it gives us tons of information about a post. It allows us to display and format posts in any way we want. Let’s open up our functions.php file and add …

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Creating Widget Areas – WordPress Theme Tutorial

Creating Widget Areas

Let’s start creating widget areas in our WordPress theme. We will have a total of 5 widget areas. One will be our sidebar and the other 4 will be put in the footer. Creating a widget area is very simple. Registering A Widget Area Open up your functions.php file and add this bit of code. [crayon-5d2e5d0a929a8966957149/] The register_sidebar() function is …

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WordPress Theme Menu Support

WordPress Theme Menu Support

Having a dynamic theme is important. It allows the user to customize  your theme to their liking. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to add WordPress theme menu support. This will allow our users to change the items in the menu with their own titles and links. Adding WordPress Theme Menu Support Before we start displaying the menus, …

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WordPress Template Header – WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Template Header

Right now, we’ve got a blank template.  Let’s copy our code from the index.html file and paste it all into the index.php file. If you refresh your site, then you should see the site. You’ll notice that it’s broken and that’s OK. We’ll fix it in a bit. If you’ve ever created a website before, then you know it’s more efficient to separate …

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WordPress Theme Header – WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Theme Header

Today, we’ll be discussing how to create the WordPress theme header for your theme and why it’s important to have this file. As I stated earlier, we’ll be using a HTML template called Cool Blue. This template was created by StyleShout. I have modified the template a bit to better suit this tutorial. You can download the modified version here. …

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Design and Functionality – WordPress Theme Tutorial

Design and Functionality

There’s one thing I would like to discuss before we start creating our themes. I would like to discuss the balance between design and functionality. I’m starting to see a lot of theme developers add certain functionality to their themes where it almost becomes a plugin itself. A WordPress theme is meant to be a presentation of the content and …

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