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WordPress Options API – Part 1 – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Options API

We learned how to create menus. Now, we’ll learn how to use the WordPress options API to allow us to store user settings for our plugin. The options API is a great way to store settings for your plugin. Your users won’t have to define every single option every time they have to use your plugin. They could also customize …

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WordPress Filter Hooks – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Filter Hooks

In our last lesson, we talked about action hooks. Now, we’re going to talk about how WordPress filter hooks work. Filter hooks, are the same as action hooks, except you’re passed a value and you must return a value. WordPress Filter Hooks You may want to modify certain content like the content, headers, titles, comments, etc.  WordPress filter hooks are …

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WordPress Action Hooks – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Action Hooks

Let’s create our first real plugin. We’ll be talking about WordPress action hooks and what hooks are. WordPress Hooking System WordPress has a very special hooking system that is the basis for creating plugins.  There are two types of hooks, actions and filters. We’ll only be discussing WordPress action hooks for this lesson. An event is when something happens. This …

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WordPress Plugin Structure – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Plugin Structure

Let’s take a look at WordPress plugin structure. Let me make this clear, this is by no means the official way to structure your plugin. In fact, if you took a look at how other plugins are structured, then you’ll find it’s organized a completely different way than what I’m showing. Some plugin developers are lazy and put all their …

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WordPress Plugin Header – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Plugin Header

We’ll waste no time and jump in right away. We’ll be discussing what a wordpress plugin header is and how to implement one. We’ll also learn some simple WordPress guidelines you should follow. Creating A WordPress Plugin WordPress stores all of it’s plugins inside of Inside this folder, you’ll find some plugins already installed by default. You’re allowed to store …

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