Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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AJAX – Advanced JavaScript Tutorial


AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript XML. This can be a bit misleading as you can make AJAX calls be synchronous.  This tutorial requires that you upload and use your files on a live or local server. What is AJAX? Traditional websites would load a different page every time you needed to make a request to a different page or file. …

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Keyboard Events – Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

Keyboard Events

It’s time to take a look at keyboard events. Another popular feature of JavaScript is the capability to detect which keys were pressed and how they were pressed. Let’s first update our document to this. [crayon-5d2e57703d350975318234/] Sweet! Now, let’s clear up the script and add this bit of code. [crayon-5d2e57703d360217290121/] The first kind of event is the keydown event. This …

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