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WordPress Plugin Development
WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development Tutorial Series

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own WordPress plugins, but didn’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. The WordPress plugin development field is very rewarding. Plugins allow you to extend the core functionality of WordPress to anything you want. You can make your site an e-commerce or even a directory.

WordPress offers a variety of APIs to get you started and some of them can get very confusing. However, this WordPress plugin development tutorial series is dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about creating plugins. You’ll learn how to create menus, manipulate content, create settings, custom post types and so much more.

This WordPress tutorial series is for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re just an enthusiasts or a seasoned developer. You’ll benefit from this series.

Content will always be king. However, WordPress plugin development enhances and simplifies creating and reading content for your site.

There’s also a huge market for WordPress plugin development. CodeCanyon is one of those marketplaces.  There are developers who make thousands a week for selling copies of their plugins. To view a complete list of commercial plugins, then go here


Before you get started, you must have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP. PHP especially as this is the programming language WordPress was built in.

It’s highly recommended you check out my PHP OOP and WordPress theme tutorials before you begin this series. If you’re really anxious, you can jump right in. This series assumes you’ve never programmed a plugin in WordPress before. After you’re finished, you’ll be creating WordPress plugins in no time!

WordPress Plugin Development Tutorial List

Here are the WordPress plugin  development tutorials in the order you should follow.

  1. How to Create a WordPress Plugin
  2. Plugin Header
  3. Plugin Structure
  4. Action Hooks
  5. Filter Hooks
  6. Filter vs Action Hooks
  7. Plugin Paths
  8. URL Functions
  9. Deactivating A Plugin
  10. WordPress Coding Standards
  11. Creating WordPress Shortcodes
  12. Shortcode Attributes
  13. Enclosing Shortcodes
  14. Admin Menus
  15. Admin Submenus
  16. WordPress Options API – Part 1
  17. WordPress Options API – Part 2
  18. Uninstalling A Plugin
  19. WordPress Admin Forms
  20. WordPress Settings API – Part 1
  21. WordPress Settings API – Part 2
  22. WordPress Settings API – Part 3
  23. Widgets API
  24. Meta Boxes
  25. Transients API
  26. Cron Jobs
  27. WordPress Custom Post Types
  28. Taxonomies
  29. Metadata
  30. Conclusion

After you’ve finished this WordPress plugin development tutorial series, then I suggest you bookmark the WordPress plugin documentation. It’s filled with tons of information about creating plugins. There’s great explanations and examples for you to use in the live production of your WordPress plugin.



  1. In a word, it’s a awesome series of tutorials. I liked all tutorials listed here, wishing your great success!

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  4. Hey Admin,, I am writing a plugin for my first time, and this really helped a lot.

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